Episode 1: Honouring Chaplaincy

Chaplaincy values people. Join Helen Cameron and the team as they discuss the importance of honouring chaplaincy in the life of the church.


The Guests

Helen Cameron

Helen Cameron is a Methodist presbyter, Moderator of the Free Churches Group and President designate of the Methodist Church. She previously served in the NHS as a physiotherapist. 

Conversation Snippets

Helen Cameron

‘Spiritual health and wellbeing shouldn’t just be attended to if you wander into a church building. It needs to be present to you wherever you happen to find yourself at any moment.’

‘This is why chaplaincy really excites me, that whether you’re a hospital cleaner or you’re a hospital consultant, the hospital chaplain sees you.’

‘It’s not about does the church flourish as a result of this piece of ministry, it’s actually does the individual flourish, do they feel heard, do they feel cared for? Is the love of God expressed to them in their particularity at that moment?’

Mark Newitt

‘People are of immense value whatever their situation and therefore chaplains are an expression of the church’s desire and belief that no matter who you are or where you are you are worthy of care and attention.’

Sarah Lane Cawte

‘Chaplaincy’s something that almost could be described as bespoke. It’s about providing a ministry to people where they are with what they need at the time.’

Bob Wilson

‘I find it really inspiring as a minister to be able to be approached by people who would never normally think of approaching you.’

‘Spend one day a week in a space that’s not your own, that’s not your normal sense of spirituality. I think that’s got to be the answer because you see how the person perceived as the other really is.’